About Our Chorus

We are the Colomonde Women’s Barbershop Chorus established in

1993 by Founder Donna Kopach. The Chorus is currently under

the direction of Connie Iversen.

The Colomonde Chorus was named for the Colorado River, mountains

and desert. The Chorus sings a cappella in four part harmony

barbershop style.

We are a non-profit group and have performed for numerous local

organizations and private functions.

One of our favorite occasions is Valentine’s Day. At this special time, we

will sing for your Valentine and include a flower and a card. We are also

available for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and holiday parties.

Women from “teens to Seniors”, part time and year round are welcome

to join. Yearly dues are $20.00, payable in January.

Prospective members are not required to audition. If you enjoy singing,

meeting new friends and having fun you are welcome to join.

The Chorus provides several costumes and each member is responsible

for obtaining other basic items. There is a $15.00, non-refundable, fee

for use of Chorus costumes.


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